How to make a resin salve!

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Part 1 of two.

In this first part I will teach you how to make a resin infused wax.

The reason we are starting with a wax is, because these can be made up ahead of time , pre measured and added to salves , body butters and balms.

What you will need

1 ceramic sauce pan

1 glass measuring cup

1 chopstick

Stainless steal sieve

Squares of cut cloth

Cup cake molds



4 ounces bees wax

1 ounce Shea butter

1 tablespoon each of



Bee propolis

•Preheat oven to 200 degrees

•Place glass measuring cup in oven for later

•Place Shea butter and wax in pan and warm on med to med low until melted.

Do not heat to high as bees wax can ignite at to high of a temperature.

•Once wax and Shea are melted, remove from heat, add the resins and stir in well with chopstick or knife .

• cover and place pan with wax-Shea- resins in a 200 degree oven for 1 hour or until color has transferred to wax and resin is soft and sticky, then remove from heat .

•Stir vigorously with chopstick distributing as much color into wax as possible .

After the color has transferred it is time to strain out the resins .

You will notice that not all of the resin dissolves , so the remaining needs to be strained out.

•To strain out , pour into a warmed glass measuring cup through a sieve with a cloth inside.

( I use sheets cut into squares )

•pour into cup cake molds weighing into 1/2 oz or 1 oz each.

Store in glass jar until needed.

To clean pan from resins .

Place water into pan and bring to a boil , scrape and loosen resin until all resin and wax floats to top of water.

Put sieve in a pan with a paper towel inside it.

Pour the hot water into the paper towel inside the sieve.

Let cool and discard paper towel.

If pan still has resin sticking to the bottom, spray with rubbing alcohol and wipe out.

Notice the color transfer we achieved with this process .

The second photo shows the bees wax used ( I used cosmetic grade white)

, the resins and Shea used and the wafers are the end color after transfer is complete .

How to make a resin salve...

All Rights reserved

For personal use only

Part 2 of two

What you will need...

1 ceramic sauce pan

1 wooden spoon

1 stainless steal sieve

Squares of cloth

1 glass measuring cup

5 two ounce glass jars

Rubbing alcohol


8 ounces of organic extra virgin olive oil


1 ounce bees wax or *resin infused wax wafers ( refer to part one)


1 heaped tablespoon each



Bee propolis



1 teaspoon neem leaf


1 teaspoon lavender essential oil


•sterilize jars by spraying with alcohol or dipping in hot water with bleach and allowing to dry completely .


•Heat oven to 180 degrees Fahrenheit

•place olive oil , resin and herbs in pan and cover, watch your oil , make sure it does not bubble or boil , if it shows signs of boiling reduce your heat to 185 F and leave in oven for 2 hours. ( every oven and oil are different , so you must watch your oil )

Stirring every 1/2 hour.


•remove from oven and strain through cloth place inside of sieve.

Make sure all plant material has been removed , repeating the process until no plant material remains.squeeze cloth to remove any residual oil.


•now you must weigh out your strained oil and add more until you once again have 8 ounces.


•place the 8 ounces back into freshly cleaned and completely dried pan and add the 1 ounce of bees wax or 1 ounce of resin infused wafers. (Either will work)


• place on medium low heat until wax is completely melted.

Remove from heat.


•let cool until 140 degrees. Once cool you may now add your essential oil.

Lavender was used here but others may be substituted ( do your research)

Stir well and then pour into waiting jars.

A bit of salve can be held out and kept warm to *top off salves .

( *as they cool they drop down into a divot in the center)


•cover with a paper towel and let cool completely before capping


•Adding Rosemary olio resin or vitamin E is recommended , a few drops for antioxidant.


•keep all utensils dry, any moisture can compromise your salve.

Capping before cool can produce condensation and lead to mold .always cool completely .


•always skin test for allergies


•Be very careful working with waxes oils and essential oils with open flame .

Most people use a double boiler. Never over heat or let product come in direct contact with heat source .


• substitutions can be made for herbs or resins , more research is recommended .


•Refer to part one for cleaning instructions .


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