Welcome To Back To Eden

Hello and welcome to my page! My name is Penny Krier and I am the owner and founder of Back to Eden and Straight Arrow Tarot.

I first and for most consider myself a  student , a seeker and a artist.

I have always had a deep and abiding reverence for nature and the natural world. from early on I was fascinated by the sights , sounds and scents I found in the garden and the woods.

after years of study , I gained my certification in herbalism, specializing in body care.  I formulate and manufacture a small line of herbal soaps, salves, lotions, balms and serums . I am also happy to teach classes and share what I have learned!

my other passion since childhood has been metaphysics. I was always tuned in to the animals, plants and people. at a very young age I discovered that I could sense certain emotions and feelings from others . I took this curiosity and began to study different forms of divination. my first love was the tarot cards, but I soon found I had a aptitude for palmistry and  reiki as well.

I have been reading professionally for decades , but only recently expanded my studies to include cartomancy And tea leaf reading.

I offer private consultations from my reading room above the Java dock coffeehouse in Port Washington Wisconsin, we also have a product wall were you can purchase any of our Back to Eden products.

please call me  to set up a appointment to either purchase products or schedule a consultation .

we are open by appointment only !